Amazing 11 year old skeet shooting champion

If you ever needed proof that anyone can do this then check out this 11 year old kid who’s a champion shooter. He’s a special talent but his age just goes to show that anyone can get involved in this sport.

Check out world champion trap shooter Nora Ross in action

We are huge fans of Nora. Check out her amazing skills. If you want to get involved with trap shooting then why not contact us? We have all the latest technology that is up to Olympic standard. We offer club memberships and special experience days. Contact us for more info!

Making money around your business with sport

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It recently made the telegraph as well

New year deals

We have some special offers on our membership packages at the moment. Please contact us directly to find out more

New equipment delivered today

We got a big delivery today and will be posting pics with our exciting new equipment very soon. Big things ahead for club members

Workwear clothing from DB Workwear

We would like to thank for sending us some amazing workwear trousers and jackets. We really appreciate the support!

We are closed on Monday and Tuesday this week

Sorry but the club is closed Monday and Tuesday for building repairs.

Party Bookings Now Available

We are now offering party bookings for Saturdays and Sundays. All members of the party must be 21 years of age, food and drink is available after the shooting. Please contact us for more information.

Accountants in darlington

Just a quick post to say that we have just employed an accountant in darlington. Darlington are a local town to us and have some excellent business located their. A friend told recommended a company to us and we can see why. Superb service and advice from the get go. We have been really busy this year, especially since the Olympics. Interest in clay shooting has never been higher and we are lucky enough to be reaping the rewards of that. This is why we decided to bring an expert on board to help us with the financial aspect so we can continue to focus on providing our customers with an excellent experience when they visit us.


New club record!

Congratulations to James who shot a remarkable 19/20 targets on Saturday. This is the highest score we have had since we launched! The most amazing thing is James has only been shooting for 3 months. At this rate he will be our next olympic champion!

Oddsmonkey Review

Had a few people asking me about this recently. As some of you know I earn a bit of extra coin through matched betting. I use a website that makes it easy for non gambling experts like me to be able to make a profit.

You can check out an oddsmonkey Review here or sign up for a free trial here.

First Beginner Class This Saturday!

Please contact us prior to your visit if you are interested so we can plan for the numbers attending. All equipment will be provided for you. We do not permit the use of personal shot guns or any other fire arms so please do not bring them. Class will be from 10-12 and will cost £25 per person.

Flashback to London 2012

London 2012 was a real boost for the sport of trap shooting in the UK. Our membership numbers went through the roof. So here’s a video to remind you all of why it was so special. As soon as the Brazil video is available we will be sure to post it.


Building spraying and Cladding Repairs

Our building has been getting subjected to the County Durham weather for many years. It’s time for some repairs. The cladding needs repairing and respraying so we contacted local experts to come and sort us out. They started by repairing our panels and then respraying our shop front. The shop front spraying took a couple of days but the end result was well worth the wait. Customers commented on it straight away.

If you are in the need of a cladding repair company we can fully recommend these guys. We like to promote local businesses here but would only ever do so if they are first class and these guys were.

Beginner Classes Starting in September

We expect these to be really popular after the success of our athletes at the Olympic games in Rio so if you are interested please reserve your place ASAP. The classes will run on saturday mornings from 10am-11am and will cost £7 for the hour. That includes all your ammunition and clay pigeons.

Scott beats Tim Kneale to double trap bronze

Great Britain’s Steven Scott beat compatriot Tim Kneale to win the bronze medal in the men’s Olympic double trap shooting event.

Scott’s perfect score of 30 against Kneale’s 28 secured Britain their second Rio shooting medal, after Ed Ling’s trap bronze on day three.

“I can’t describe what this means, but I’ve worked my butt off,” Scott said.

Kuwaiti Fehaid Aldeehani beat Italy’s Marco Innocenti 26-24 in the gold medal final at the Olympic Shooting Centre.

Australian world number one James Willett was eliminated following a shoot-off against Scott and Kneale.

We were all watching and very excited to be watching shooting on tv!

Spray paints and aerosol sprays

Things are moving along nicely at the shooting school. Unfortunately the building we bought has seen better times, it’s great inside but the outside is really scruffy. We contacted a local company and asked their advice on what we could do to smarten it up. They provided us with some amazing spray paints from the RAL range (it’s a colour range a bit like pantone), we’d never used spray paints before so they came out and gave us a demo. It was so easy to do! Our building looks amazing now, we have sprayed it the blue and white like on our logo so it looks really professional. RAL spray paints are apparently very popular and even more popular than the pantone colours, I can see why as they really pop when you get them sprayed onto a clean surface.

Spray Tech sell nationally so check out their website. The spray paints are really high quality. I will post some pictures once I get my camera working. We are really excited here at the shooting school as things seem to be moving on every day, we had some new members join yesterday who had never fired a gun before and now seem as hooked as we are on trap shooting.

We were so thrilled with the work spray technologies had done for us I said I’d write them a little blog on our site. We also invited the staff out for a trap shooting session so we look forward to seeing them soon.


New Equipment Arriving Today

We have had an exciting day here at the Clay shooting! Lots of brand new equipment was delivered for our members and staff to use. We have had great fun setting up the new traps and trying them out. Pics coming soon!

An introdcution to clay shooting

Our introductory days will be starting soon!

Many people are put off this sport as they think they need to be a gun owner, have a fancy trap thrower and own a great big area to practice in. That isn’t true, by being a member of a club like ours you can just bring yourself, use our equipment in a safe environment and just have fun. We will be offering free trial days very soon once we get everything in place so keep checking back for more information.

Welcome to Clay target Shooting School

This website aims to teach you everything you need to know about clay target shooting. We have recently opened a new shooting school in Durham and will be using this site to keep interested parties up to date with what is happening with our new venture.